A recent study identifies new guidelines for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.  This study differs in two important ways from the guidelines first identified in 1984.  First, Alzheimer’s is now being recognized as a continuum of stages.  The guidelines also now incorporate the use of specific “biomarkers”  which will be used exclusively for research purposes.  Mild Cognitive Impairment, or MCI, will now be considered its own diagnosis which could double the number of cases found each year.  To find out more, visit the link below:  



From the Alzheimer’s Association Feburary Newsletter,

“Put down your snow shovel and pick up the cause. Join with us at the State House in Boston to ask our legislators to support quality of care for those with Alzheimer’s. It’s one morning — to make a difference.

Monday, February 7 – 10 a.m.-noon
Grand Staircase / Mass State House, Boston
For more information or to register, contact Jennifer Carter at 617.868.6718″

The New York Times series “The Vanishing Mind” contains articles focusing on Alzheimer’s disease.  These articles, written over several months, range from research findings, detection methods, therapies and how this disease affects all ages and nationalities. “The Vanishing Mind” series is a comprehensive effort to increase Alzheimer’s awareness,  share ways to combat the disease and bring comfort to those afflicted.  Family Tree Home Care works every day with clients who have been diagnosed with both Alzheimer’s and dementia.  We feel these articles can be helpful and enlightening.  To access this series, please click here: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/health/series/the_vanishing_mind/index.html


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